a cartoon viewing station at
Turbine Flats, LNK.

feature: Andrea Reyes

We love Andrea Reyes' animations and are *thrilled* that she's sharing them with SQUASH. We've followed her work on Social Media and Vimeo. Andrea answered some questions below.

SQUASH: Have you always wanted to make cartoons?
AR: I've always enjoyed drawing cartoons my whole life but during high school I was mainly thinking about high paying careers so I was aiming towards becoming a pharmacist and then to a paramedic...but it wasn't working out and I simply wasn't enjoying it. I was very lost and attended community college for four years until I decided that animation and creating silly characters was way more fulfilling. So I applied to CalArts, got rejected, cried a lil, then applied again and got in!

SQUASH: Where are you? And why are you there?
AR: I'm temporarily living in blazing Valencia, California since my school's location is here. But I was born close to the beach in the South Bay area, specifically Torrance.

SQUASH: Favorite snack for cartoon watching?
AR: Takis Xplosion while sippin on a chilled Baja Blast.

SQUASH: Do you have pets?
AR: I have a cross-eyed cat named Gobi! He has his own insta @hi_gobi if you want to see his big head.
SQUASH: We are now Gobi's #1 fan.

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We can't wait to see your animations. Send us an email at squashanimationtv@gmail.com with a super short bio (3 sentences or less please, cartoonist Proust) and a link to the animation. We'll get right back to you to work out the details.


Q: Are there themes?
A: No themes.

Q: Can I send my video art?
A: No thanks. SQUASH animation is for animations/cartoons only.

Q: What if I already sent my animation to some other amazing group and I want to send you the exact same one because it's my absolute favorite?
A: Fine by us!


SQUASH animation is a cartoon display station at Turbine Flats in Lincoln, NE. We show new animation reels each month for the First Friday Art Walk. We also feature the reels right here on this site. We made SQUASH animation to see more cartoons and give other people the chance to see more cartoons too.

Why SQUASH? Squash is one of the twelve principles of animation (squash and stretch), it's a delightful piece of produce, it's something people do in a room or hallway, it's a fun to say.